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Free logo?

Someone recently reached out for help with her website. She was starting a blog and was just getting overwhelmed with the amount you really do need to learn when starting from scratch. When I visited her website I was immediately more concerned with her logo.It was not good. She had gone with an internet company that did provide a logo in the correct format (a vector image), but it was very unprofessional. They had taken an actual picture and used a shortcut to create a finish product that was below satisfactory: sort of alien looking, close up their hands looked very weird and the table & chairs had tons of squiggles (not as noticable on the computer screen but it would have been awful if she had something printed). The women in the logo were painting their nails & the person starting the blog couldn’t even tell! She was disappointed but was just trying to get up & running. I just couldn’t let her go on that way! Images of the before & after below:

























Sometimes it’s just best to hire a professional instead of paying for it with your image & reputation.


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